Take a look at the pictures and see how David's Tree Service & Landscaping LLC can change the look of a property. This client had a drainage problem and wanted to expand his driveway. The project took weeks to do, but the outcome was Great. The following Spring we planted trees along the back fence and added stone around certain flower beds.


Customer's Comments




Once again, you have outdone yourself!  When I first called David to have my overgrown yard cleared and trees removed, we began discussing landscaping ideas. David and his Tree Service and Landscaping business are truly professional. David takes time to listen and then also provides ideas thinking of every detail. He thinks of not just the job you ask for but also the important issues beyond aesthetics. He ensures drainage is correct, provides creative ideas to ensure your property not only looks good but is functional. He uses high quality materials and takes his time to ensure his work is perfect. David runs a tight crew and he watches every step of each person to ensure my yard looks great.


David subcontracted my driveway and new stone walls and I'm very pleased.  My house looks wonderful and I'm constantly told by my neighbors I have just increased everyone's property value because of David's work. I have now used David for three major projects and I'm never disappointed. I will continue to use David as long as he is willing to drive to Maryland.


Thanks David you are truly a professional.


Rob Bone