Customers' Opinions

For seventeen-plus years David's Tree Service & Landscaping LLC - and David Butler personally - have met all our arboreal needs. David has removed a total of 20-30 extremely large trees for us. In every case, removal was done safely and expeditiously, with no damage to adjacent trees or shrubs, and with absolutely no residue of  limbs, bark, foliage, or even sawdust...not even a mark on the lawn. We know of no other contractor and firm whom we would recommend as highly.

R. Monroe  --  Vienna, Va.



David Butler has been performing tree service on our property for more than 15 years. Based on my dealings with him, he is simply outstanding. I trust Mr. Butler implicity. On several occasions, after storms, he has observed problems such as trees leaning toward the house or about to fall. He has addressed the emergency problem, alerted us to concerns, and then discussed a future course of action with us -- but never insisting or asking that we use his services. And, he has never attempted to charge higher rates during these or any other situations.

In short, I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Butler. He is a good man who is outstanding at what he does. He is the best I have encountered.

C. Thomas  --  Fairfax, Va

David has been doing tree work for us at least 15 years, possibly longer. He cleans up the brush, fallen limbs and trees in the wooded area for us on a regular basis, and has helped us deal with dangerous trees on the 1/2 acre where our home is.

I cannot speak too highly of David.  He is always prompt, and unfailingly polite. We have never had a complaint with regard to the quality of his work, or of the men who work for him. He has a strong work ethic and is honest to a fault.

C. Kokulis  --  Potomac, Md.



I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. David Butler of David's Tree Service & Landscaping LLC for the past 15 years. David is truely a professional businessman with a very strong work ethic. He has always completed jobs on time at or below budget.  He has never left me hanging in the middle of a project wondering where he is. David is a professional that is head and shoulders above his competitors.

T. Cantwell  --  Fairfax Station, Va.